What is a Financial Advisory Career?

A career in Financial Advisory – as the name entails – is one in which you are the go-to resource for your clients on financial literacy and education. Clients are often looking for sound advice on their financial decisions and that’s where you can value-add to the relationship by exceeding their expectations.

This ideal needs a high level of trust in the client-advisor relationship, as well as the adviser having adequate financial competency. These two pillars allow the Financial Services Consultant to partner with the client in a meaningful way. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing what you do every day, can positively affect people’s future, while charting your own professional advancement.

A Financial Services Consultant is also a franchisee whereby one manages the business in its entirety. This means you’re able to run the business safely without worrying if it would succeed. This essentially allows you – the entrepreneur – to enjoy your income, lifestyle, and workplace flexibility.


Insurance Agent Salary


Financial Consultant Salary

Is a Financial Services Consultant basically an Insurance Agent?

The answer is NO.

As a Financial Services Consultant, you will be helping new and existing clients make wise financial decisions. You may even manage their money in some cases, depending on your level of expertise in the area of finance. Based on a client’s goals, you will be telling them what to do to achieve short- and long-term financial goals while mitigating risks.

As an Insurance agent, you only peddle Insurance products which is a very small portion of what a Financial Services Consultant does on a daily basis for their clients.

A Financial Services Consultant covers many aspects of a client’s life including:

  1. Wealth Protection – Protecting your human potential across your lifetime
  2. Wealth Accumulation – Accelerating the growth of your finances
  3. Wealth Distribution – Ensuring that your legacy is passed on to your beneficiaries

So, what do I need to start as a Financial Services Consultant?

  1. 21 years old and above
  2. Singaporean / Singaporean PR
  3. Minimum Diploma from one of the five local Polytechnics
  4. An ambitious self-starter and loves challenges

Yes, I qualify. Why then should I choose Abundant Life Planners?

As one of the top agencies in AIA with a Master District Director having 40 years of experience starting from a Financial Services Consultant and climbing the ranks to the Director level, Abundant Life Planners has a strict and stringent selection process, selecting only those with the potential to at least double their income to join the agency.

  1. Training & Mentorship

    Abundant Life Planners strongly believes in mentorship to ensure your success. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron. You will receive 13 weeks of training from experienced mentors, managers, and associates. You will be taught and mentored with our exclusive process, The 3-Step Approach to Your Client’s Customised and Bespoke Financial Home.

  2. High Income Potential

    High allowance, commission and bonuses will be given. This amount can multiply depending on your efforts.

  3. Tap into Promising Markets

    With our Business Insurance niche, you will have direct access to potential customers and high net worth markets.

  4. Bonus & Incentive

    Quarterly bonus, monthly allowance & weekly pay-out of incentives. Annual holidays to countries around the world.

  5. Career Prospect

    Fast-track your career path as we value and groom you to be the best version you can be.

  6. Provision of Leads

    At Abundant Life Planners, we have a tried and tested system that allows you to have sustainable leads continuously pumped to you.

  7. Continuous Growth & Knowledge

    Abundant Life Planner’s Director, Mr Lawrence Ee, has a strong emphasis on Training & Development. His unique niche on Business Insurance ensures your access to an untapped market of business owners and directors.

  8. Owning your own Business

    If owning a business is a dream and aspiration of yours, here’s the platform to get it done.

  9. Life of Significance

    You will get to Touch Lives and Change Destinies during your course of work. Every day of your life will have meaning and fulfilment.

  10. Family Oriented Environment

    At Abundant Life Planners, family bonding and culture is very important. We have minimal politics, favouritism, and racism. Not only that, there’s a strong emphasis of love, care, and grace, with the senior advisors more than willing to help the younger associates.


Who should make the switch?

Are You…

  1. Feeling Jaded from Doing the Same Mundane Tasks Every Day?
  2. Feeling Stagnant & Underpaid for The Amount of Work That You Do?
  3. Not Growing in Knowledge nor Advancing in Your Career?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, you’re who we’re looking for!

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